At Wander Trace Tours, we have an outstanding team of professionals in the field of tourism who are dedicated to high quality service for all of our guests. We are well-rounded individuals including the Bedouin, known as the guardians of the desert. We are educated in the ways of this beautiful land and dedicated to providing the best quality of service. Additionally we are multi-lingual, which allows you to fully enjoy and understand all that is Jordan. It is our honor to show you the ways of this wonderful country and accommodate your every need. You can pick a pre-designed itinerary or create your own unique trip by coordinating with our staff.

Each member of our team, from the drivers to the guides, are certified and experts in their respective fields. Here at Wander Trace Tours, we strive for perfection in our service to all of our guests. We hope you will have a wonderful experience in Jordan with us.

Let us take you back in time and share a piece of our beautiful history and culture with you!